Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ICGC The New Wine Temple have a youth ministry?
    • Yes, we have a Children\’s Ministry (ages 4-12); contact Omega Generation at +233262189447
    • Also, we have a Youth and Young Adult Ministry (ages 13-24); contact +233 501274052
  • Who do I contact for name or address change?
    Contact the Membership Department
    +233(302) 504 051
    +233(302) 504 048
  • How do I become a Member?
    Click on the membership registration and become a Member today
  • How can I find out more about the different ministries offered at Yahweh Temple? How do I become involved?
    For additional questions, contact the minister Ken at +233 572260437
  • Does the Church offer marital/premarital counseling?
    Yes, Yahweh Temple does offer premarital/marital counseling. For more information please call +233 572260437
  • Who do contact in case of a death?
    Please contact the Welfare Ministry at +233 208212633
  • In case I go to the hospital, who do I contact?
    Please contact the Welfare Ministry at +233 208212633

Write to:

P. O. Box AF 2117

see our church map for direction