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Daily Devotion



Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. Psalm 51:12 

Each one of us remember moments or periods in our lives when things have gone wrong or when we did some things that really messed up our lives or the life of someone dear to us. 

Although we may have recovered from that incident, memories from it still keep us in an emotional prison. Regardless of who we are, we all deal with such issues one time or the other. 

Rather than allowing the devil to manipulate incidents in your past to harass you with feelings of rejection and failure, you need to identify who you are in Christ and hold your head up. 

If what occurred in the past was a sinful act that you committed, the remedy to it is not embarrassment; the remedy is the blood of Jesus. 

In His blood, we have the means to get our sins washed away. When He cleanses away your sin, He really does erase the sin from our spiritual slate board. 

Sometimes the memories have to do with bad things that people did to us in the past. They could be terrible acts of wrong that you were made to undergo by people who were more powerful than you or even people who were close to you. 

The remedy to your painful memories is not fear and rejection; the remedy is the Holy Spirit. He is able to make all things new in our hearts and in our minds.

He is able to neutralize the poisonous effects of our past experiences and give us newness of life. 

Today, you can break free from your past prison to enjoy the sweet liberty that comes from the presence of the Lord. 

Prayer: Release me O Lord, from the prison of the past and give me newness. 

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 51:12 -19


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